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The Grand River in Galt from the Concession Street Bridge.

The Scottish heritage of Galt is marked by the steeples of two Presbyterian churches, Knox on the left and Central on the right.  The buildings are kitty corner from each other across a small park.


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Morning on the Grand

We visited my home town this past weekend.

I grew up in the town of Galt which has a long history, starting out as a settlement in the early 1800’s.  There is a great deal of Scottish heritage in the town, which had several industries related to textiles.  Water power for  many of these factories was supplied by the headpond behind this dam on the Grand River.

The banks of the river downstream from here were lined with limestone block buildings housing the factories.  Most are gone now, their foundations obliterated or converted into pleasant walking paths.  A few have become high-end housing lofts.  The high-rise building in the background stands on the site of a large towel manufacturing plant where my father worked for some thirty years.

I have not forgiven Darcy McKeough for changing the name of my home town to “Cambridge” in the 1970’s.

A bit of history of the town appears HERE.


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Art or Graffiti?

Seen on a sidewalk near the Grand River in Cambridge.

Should spelling count?


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Sweetman’s II

One more photo:


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I want my grandkids to go to this school…

The whimsical decoration on the chain link fence (How do you decorate a chain link fence?) says that these people understand kids.

Butterflies are a wonderful way to describe young children:  Colourful, free, beautiful, fun, unpredictable, delicate…

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Summer Morning

One Mile Bay is smooth this morning.

Summer’s here.

This week at least!

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Sweetman’s Garden Lives!

I haven’t been by Sweetman’s Garden in recent weeks.  Today I visited and found a glorious display of colour.  The lupins are blooming as are the iris and the poppies.

Here is a slideshow of what I found:

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It is inconceiveable that only three years ago, North Bay City Council considered selling this property for building lots.

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