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A Look At Duchesnay Falls

Yesterday I had some free time and so I visited Duchesnay Falls.

The water is lower than the last time I was there and different photographic opportunities were presented.

It is very difficult to ignore the water rushing over the rocks, but there are many other quiet encounters.

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Calm Waters

Autumn brings absolutely still mornings to our lake.

Yesterday was one of those days.

My kayak provides a special way to experience these moments of quiet.

They don’t come very often.


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Centre Of The Community

The town of Trout Creek was served for years by its hotel.

In recent years it has struggled to survive.

Unlike the town it has been less successful.

Another memory of the past is coming to its inevitable end.

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Foggy Morning

I got up early the other day.

Doesn’t happen often, but it was worth it.

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Storm Coming

I stopped in Trout Creek, Ontario the other day.

It was the kind of day when Mother Nature had trouble making up her mind.

One minute black skies, the next minute blue.

One minute raining, the next sunny.

A perfect day for making photographs.

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Exciting Chemistry

Here are photographs of some exciting chemistry.

The Town of Callander held a fun day in late August and the grand finale involved lots of colour and noise.

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