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Hint Of Winter

The last of the leaves have hung on until the first light overnight snow dusts them as a reminder of the inevitability of the coming of Winter.

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Eyes On North Bay

Since 1904 these eyes have observed the life of the city of North Bay from high atop the steeple of St. Andrew’s United Church.

St. Andrews Steeple Openings

The inevitable deterioration wrought by the elements has weakened the top portion of the structure and it will disappear within the week

These elegant shapes will be gone forever.

Only their memory will exist.

They served their purpose well.

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Near Sweetman’s Garden

The old CNR railway roadbed ran beside Sweetman’s Garden and was the reason that the garden came into existence. The right-of-way was much wider than required for the tracks and Murray Sweetman began to use the vacant land beside the tracks as a garden. Over the years the garden became quite extensive and was a place to marvel at and escape from the neighbourhood for a bit of “quiet time”. An oasis of calm.

The rails were removed years ago and despite unsuccessful attempts on the part of the City’s Mayor and Council to sell the land for development, it is still there today. Perhaps not as glorious as it once was, but still an oasis of calm nonetheless.


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