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No Talent

The Big Brains with the spray cans have another recruit.

This one has so little talent that he/she won’t last long.

The term “Grafitti Artist” is a joke when used here.


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Gray Day

A lot of photographers put their cameras away on a gray day like today.

Colours have a way of standing out when it’s gloomy.

HERE are some more photos made this morning.

The leaves have nearly all fallen and the colour is leaving the bush.

Now we wait for snow.


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Until The Trashman Cometh

When you have no place to store it…

…it has to be left outside.

It is fairly neatly organized however.

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Like sentinels, the objects on the wall collect information about our universe.

Two have almost instant communication, the third is somewhat slower.


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One More Storefront

Michelle has been making pretty things look even prettier for a long time now.

Quality work is done here.

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Red Door

The Church in yesterday’s post has used red very effectively.

Unifying and a bit whimsical.  Perhaps a subliminal message as well.


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Winter’s coming.

People are ready to help.

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Folk Art

There is a totally interesting property here in town which, I am sure, is not all that popular with the neighbours.  It is on an arterial street and lots of traffic passes by.

The external decor changes with the seasons and there is ample evidence of “artistic” planning in the presentation.

One wonders if there is a way to move it into the WKP Kennedy Gallery for an exhibition.

More shots on the Folk Art Gallery page.


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Rural Landscape II

This landscape is acceptable today.  Farming, industry, golden fields and hard work are all evident in this photograph.  A common and comfortable scene in Southern Ontario.

Will the following landscape photographs be thought of as “beautiful” thirty years from now?

Who can predict future tastes?

But:  Where will the electrons that we need come from?

Note:  All photos yesterday and today were made within an approximate three mile radius near Amberley ON.

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Rural Landscape

I visited the Kindardine area this past summer and made several photographs.

The land near Lake Huron south of the town is very flat and has been farmed for generations.  It yields views which are reduced to few elements and go for a long way, almost to infinity.

Over the years we have become inured to what ought to be in a rural landscape photograph or painting and this one fits the “rules” and we feel comfortable with it.

This is what it really looks like:

There is a great deal of discussion in the area about the visual impact on the landscape of the giant wind turbines that have been built over the past five or so years.  “Stop the Wind Farm” signs are a regular sight on mailboxes and fenceposts.

In the past and currently, the presence of hydro (telephone) poles in this photograph would be quite acceptable.  I suppose that is because we have become used to seeing them in photographs and in our everyday viewing of the landscape.  The addition of windmills to such a scene these days is visually disturbing to some (many) who, one supposes, were comfortable with the traditional view from this spot and see them as visual blight.

Of course a painter can just leave them out and we would be none the wiser.


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This reminded me of “The Great Escape” and “The Wooden Horse”.

Or “The Spy Who Came In From The Cold”… or a future walk along the border.

Perhaps this version is a bit more ominous, more in keeping with the theme of the movies:

If you were there, you saw the first version.

Your memories may well be closer to the second.

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Autumn For Sure!

The wind has blown hard for the past 16 hours and the temp is around 5 C.  There aren’t many leaves left on the trees and my driveway has blown clear of leaves (one good thing about wind).

The poinsettia plant given to us last Christmas has been exceptionally healthy and vital for the past 9 months but the end will occur soon.  (There is a reason that poinsettia bushes don’t occur in this part of the world – it’s called winter.)

Today it is starting its final journey:

“Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”?

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Fall Is Definitely Here

When the sumac turns its glorious red, we know fall has arrived.

Recently we have experienced bright blue sky sunshine.  Yesterday’s rain and cloudy skies produced a pleasant change in the light making it much more gentle.

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Rainy Day

It rained yesterday.

First time in about two weeks, or so it seems.


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Waterfront Nostalgia

An afternoon on the North Bay Waterfront.

Photographs from the past often show a nostalgic time.  Partly it’s the style of the photograph and the fact that they are often monochrome, but very often the yellowing of age that photos aquire as time passes is the main carrier of the nostalgic feeling.  Fifty years from now these pictures which were made three days or so ago, might be interpreted in the same way by those viewing them.

“Ah, the good ‘ol days.”, could be one of the thoughts going through their minds.

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