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No Talent

The Big Brains with the spray cans have another recruit.

This one has so little talent that he/she won’t last long.

The term “Grafitti Artist” is a joke when used here.


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Gray Day

A lot of photographers put their cameras away on a gray day like today.

Colours have a way of standing out when it’s gloomy.

HERE are some more photos made this morning.

The leaves have nearly all fallen and the colour is leaving the bush.

Now we wait for snow.


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Until The Trashman Cometh

When you have no place to store it…

…it has to be left outside.

It is fairly neatly organized however.

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Like sentinels, the objects on the wall collect information about our universe.

Two have almost instant communication, the third is somewhat slower.


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One More Storefront

Michelle has been making pretty things look even prettier for a long time now.

Quality work is done here.

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Red Door

The Church in yesterday’s post has used red very effectively.

Unifying and a bit whimsical.  Perhaps a subliminal message as well.


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Winter’s coming.

People are ready to help.

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