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Subtle Autumn

There are a few small clues here that Autumn has begun.

Protected by the surrounding forest, the ferns around this decaying log are still rich green.

Processes happen slowly in this part of the forest, but they are inexorable in their progress.

The log will in time be reduced to its elements and return to the soil which gave it life.

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Sunshine On My Shoulders

Helps me warm up on a cool day.

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Green Log

The creek near Smith Road.

Green Log II

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Doll House

This little building is made of squared logs and was turned into a child’s playhouse.  It’s stout enough that as the grandkids got older they could spend the night if they chose.

Jack's Doll House

Jack restored it too.

It sits next to Jack’s Barn .


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Edge of the Past

Barn Chisolm

The transition between the past and the present is somewhere between the old log shed with its dug well and hand pump, and the new round hay bales.


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Here is a photo made in 1976 by the builder of the small log cabin whose remains appeared in yesterday’s post.

It was really quite an elegant structure!  A lot of love went into it’s construction.

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