A Heron Walk

Let’s walk with a Great Blue Heron along the shore of Lake Nosbonsing. He(?) was looking for breakfast.

This guy was very patient with me.

What remarkable birds they are.


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2 responses to “A Heron Walk

  1. John Minkowskyj

    Nice Heron study. I like photos 9, 10, 11 and 12 where the Heron looks like it’s watching something float by. It was nice of this fowl to ‘pose’ for you, they’re quite skittish and don’t hang around. Are you the “Heron Whisperer”?

    • quibbleon

      Thanks for the new title John, but I think I’ll let someone with true “whispering” talent take it. I was in my kayak on a very quiet morning and was able to just drift along with minimum motion. In 9 – 12, he’s trying to decide what I am and whether I’m worth worrying about as he cocks his head to get better views. They are indeed jumpy. Somehow this guy put up with me for a much longer period of time than any others I’ve encountered this summer.

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