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Delicate Snowstorm

No wind.

Just large snowflakes in profusion.

The leaves of last Summer will remain until Spring.

To be replaced by new life.

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Birch Trunk

Fresh snowflakes and cracked bark make a nicely textured monochrome portrait.

Trunk & Snow

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Hoar frost crystals and snowflakes are some of the most delicate things you will ever see.

Twig and Hoar Frost

Someone has said that no two snowflakes are the same.

How would one know?

And does it matter?

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Winter Fencerow

I made this photograph about a year ago around Christmas.

Branches and Fence

I thought it was stronger as a monochrome treatment with a bit of cyan toning to make it look a bit cooler.

The white streaks are snowflakes in the air.

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The snowflakes are blowing.

Storm Shelter

Here is shelter from the storm.


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