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Storm On

Thorne Farmland, Cedar Heights Road in the snowstorm.

Fence Posts

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Portage Park Snowstorm

Trees in a Spring snowstorm on the shore of Trout Lake.

Storm Birches

Second day of spring and it snowed again!

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Driving in a snowstorm can identify fools and idiots. Those are people who think it is still summer. Conditions like this require that those people stay home.

Winter Traffic

Here in North Bay, the majority of people have adapted to the reality of winter.

Good thing!

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The snowflakes are blowing.

Storm Shelter

Here is shelter from the storm.


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The area near Barrie gets some fantastic snow when the northwest wind blows across Georgian Bay.  The farm fields can be quite inhospitable to living things that stick up above the windblown surface.  It’s also darn cold when the wind blows.

But there is a certain perverse beauty to the cold snow and minimalist landscape.  Everything is dormant until next spring.

The land is resting.

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