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Some Newly Posted Photographs

Here are photographs published recently in other forums.

These were made about a year ago in Myanmar and some have been reprocessed to monochrome.


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Photos Published Recently

These photographs were published elsewhere over the past couple of weeks.

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Fishermen on Inle Lake

Inle Lake in Myanmar is one the world’s unique places. It is a candidate for listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Lake is the second-largest fresh-water lake in Myanmar, with an estimated surface area of 104 square miles.

At present, the length of the lake from north to south is 24 miles; its original length was 36 miles. The average water depth is 7 feet (2.1 m), with the deepest point being 12 feet (3.7 m) deep. During rainy season, the lake’s depth can increase by up to 5 feet (1.5 m).

The lake is weed-choked and conventional outboard motors are useless.

One practice that distinguishes Inle from other places in the world is a unique paddling style used to propel small boats through the weeds while fishing. Standing on the left leg while using the right hand and the right leg to manipulate the paddle, leaves the left hand free to handle nets and other equipment. Standing also allows sight through high reeds.

How often one falls in the water while learning the technique is a question not answered.

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People Photographs from Myanmar

People in Myanmar are shy, polite, proud and friendly.

And very photogenic.

They didn’t mind my making their photographs. It seemed a pleasant experience for those photographed. Showing them the result when possible always produced smiles.

On more than one occasion I was asked to have my photo taken with a local. Not because of my good looks, but more because I am a Western tourist. It was always an enjoyable experience with lots of smiles and laughs exchanged.

And oh yes, it seems everyone has a smartphone.

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Farming on the Irrawaddy

A great deal of agriculture takes place on the banks of the river.

Note the absence of mechanized equipment. In 10 days travelling on the river there were no tractors seen working the fields. All the work appeared to be done by hand, using oxen for the heavier tasks.

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Motorbikes outnumber private cars by a very large margin in Myanmar. The car has a red plate, which identifies it as a taxi.


Private individuals get around by motorbike (many are Chinese made), bicycle, on foot or in the back of a pick-up truck fitted with benches, licensed as a taxi. (Red plate)


Those people riding on the roof of the truck are said to be travelling “Upper Class” by the locals.

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Yandabo, Myanmar

Using local clay pulled from the Irrawaddy River bed, the village of Yandabo makes pots by the thousands.

The terra cotta pots are used for storage of water or food and are distributed throughout the Mandalay Region of Myanmar.

For firing the pots, “kilns” are formed by piling the pots, covering them with rice stalks and setting it on fire. The pile smolders for three days or so and then the pots are retrieved from the pile.

Everything is done by hand in many yards of many houses in the town.

This is literally “Cottage Industry” using methods going back hundreds of years.

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