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Laurentian Late Afternoon

Laurentian Ski Hill is a local gem in our town.

Late afternoon on a winter day can produce fond memories.

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Laurentian Ski Hill

After a “Mother Nature Imposed” slow start this year, the sliding season is going gang busters at Laurentian Ski Hill in North Bay!

Action and enjoyment yesterday on the hill.

Warm, fond Memories being created here!

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Under the Umbrella

Delicately frosted.

Tree Snow

Laurentian Ski Hill, North Bay.

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Laurentian Ski Hill yesterday afternoon.

Let It Snow

The weather is cooperating with cold temperatures.

Now for a couple of big dumps of snow to get the season started!

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Sunday at Laurentian Ski Hill

North Bay is blessed with an alpine ski hill situated inside town. The hill has been operating for over 50 years and has provided recreational opportunities for North Bay people, and at least two World Champions have grown up here and learned their craft.

Today was a busy day at the hill.

People having Great Fun on a gorgeous winter day.

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Snow Surfaces

Snow surfaces can be very pristine and sensuous.

Laurentian Ski Hill yesterday.

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Bull Wheel

Noon at Laurentian Ski Hill yesterday.

-25C, 15 km/h wind.


Waiting for the crowd.



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Making Snow

We are blessed to have Laurentian Ski Hill in the middle of our town.  The City Bus will take you there.

And when the Snow Gods are a bit tardy, as they are this year, we are equipped with the ability to fashion a sliding surface from artificial snow.

Opening for Christmas Holidays is very important for the financial health of the hill and it was opened on Dec 23 with good conditions on part of it.

Cold temperatures and some help from Mother Nature will make it possible to get the remainder of the runs open soon.

In the meantime we should all pray for snow!


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