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Be Afraid, Mr. Fish

Be VERY Afraid!

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As a newly hatched bird, going from egg to full grown magnificence requires good camouflage. Albatross chicks look pretty scruffy and dirty but they fit into their environment extremely well. Spotting the two chicks in this photo took me some time.

Albatross Chicks

This chick fits right into the environment and becomes almost invisible.

Albatross Chick 2

Looks like a rock with a beak.

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Yesterday’s Blue Footed Booby turned out to be a mother. When she landed in the middle of our trail, her chick came waddling out of the scrub and we watched for some time as the chick coaxed her to feed it.

After a great deal of begging, the chick stayed hungry. Mom was not cooperating.


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