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Osprey Family

A few years ago an osprey nest appeared on the cross-arms of a power pole in North Bay. In order to prevent electrical outages and to protect the birds from electrocution and hydro workers who might have to work on the pole, a new one was installed and the lines moved.

The pole with it’s nest was left in place and since then it has been occupied at this time of year to raise a family.

I visited the other day and made these photographs.

Three chicks are in the nest and appear to be close to fledging.

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As a newly hatched bird, going from egg to full grown magnificence requires good camouflage. Albatross chicks look pretty scruffy and dirty but they fit into their environment extremely well. Spotting the two chicks in this photo took me some time.

Albatross Chicks

This chick fits right into the environment and becomes almost invisible.

Albatross Chick 2

Looks like a rock with a beak.

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