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More Art

Here are two more images that began as photographs.

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In the minds of many people an image is not “Art” unless produced by some hand process like painting, drawing, etc.

I have had many photographs receive the compliment, “Gee, it looks like a painting!”, as if somehow painted images (no matter how poorly done) are the gold standard by which images are judged.

“Looks just like a painting” is not a compliment to me.

Lately I have discovered some Photoshop processing the does a terrific job of changing a photograph into a watercolor style image. The processing is flexible enough that feeling and mood can be modified to express what I want to say.

Here are some images that started as photographs.


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Gull Variation

Too cold to play golf today so research on the net for photoshop techniques found a nice tutorial.

Here’s a neat line drawing variation for this morning’s Hungry Gull posting.

Gull Line Drawing

Lots of fun!

And I’m still even par!


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