In the minds of many people an image is not “Art” unless produced by some hand process like painting, drawing, etc.

I have had many photographs receive the compliment, “Gee, it looks like a painting!”, as if somehow painted images (no matter how poorly done) are the gold standard by which images are judged.

“Looks just like a painting” is not a compliment to me.

Lately I have discovered some Photoshop processing the does a terrific job of changing a photograph into a watercolor style image. The processing is flexible enough that feeling and mood can be modified to express what I want to say.

Here are some images that started as photographs.


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6 responses to “Art

  1. Audrey

    These are wonderful Bob. I particularly love the sky one and the two bird ones. Brilliant.

    • quibbleon

      Thanks Audrey.
      I have always loved watercolours and have tried the process. But I can’t draw. So this is the next best thing. 😀

  2. John

    Well done.
    I believe what you said about peoples impressions about ‘art’. Even peoples comments on photography, they’ll say ‘I can do that’ but they never do. Especially now that phones have given people access to photography.

    • quibbleon

      Thanks John.
      Everyone is a photographer! 😉
      I have had people at my craft show booth pull out their phones and show me their work – which of course never leaves their phone.
      Or (noticing a framed 16×24 print), “I took a picture just like that one.” Do you want to see it?

  3. John

    Were you at the Davedi Craft Show? Any others in the future weeks?

    • quibbleon

      I’m not doing any shows this year. Printers are dead and the local market is saturated for photographs. “City Streets” is this Saturday.

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