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New Snow

The delicacy of newly fallen snow surfaces is unmatched by much else in nature.



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Bad Weather

It is said that, “Bad weather makes good photographs.”  I tested this adage the other day when it was snowing and dull.

Snowy Bush


Snowy Swamp

The processing of the initial image presents some interesting challenges and choices.  Monochrome is also one of the routes that I could have taken.

The objective was to get a feeling of the visually muted nature of the scenes without having the result turn out dull, drab and uninteresting.

You can be the judge, but please be gentle.

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Birch Grove II

I revisited the little birch grove yesterday in better light.

Autumn is just about over.

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Two Versions

Same shot.  Two different treatments.

Two different moods.


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Silverpixel has posted a pair of photos (one of which has disappeared)  in the past couple of days that were processed using an app on his iPad.  They were really neat.

This got me interested in a filter plug-in from the same company for my computer (I am iPadless).  I have been having a good deal of fun playing with the trial version that I downloaded.

There is of course, little point in using exotic filters on pictures unless they add something – a mood , a feeling, the appropriate punch…- to the photograph.  That’s where the “art” comes in.

I published some photos recently of the aftermath of the disasterous fire on Main Street.

Here is another photograph processed two diferent ways using the software.

Here is the original for comparison:


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