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Were They What?

Visited Mattawa yesterday.

Were They What

It’s still a mystery to me.

Were they?


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This is the flower:

This is the Royal insect:

And the plant is milkweed, which is a necessary part of the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly.

Now I’m sure you feel better about your world!

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Mystery Thursday

These will turn into flowers very soon.

What is the plant?

Hint:  Royal insects survive on these weeds.

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Playground Colour


Different looks at ordinary things.

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The Door at the End of the Alley

What’s behind there?

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Light up The Day

It’s 11:00 am.

Why are the lights on?

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Lookin’ Good?

Sometimes the rear yards of old buildings tell their own stories.  This structure is on Oak Street and those photographers whose memories go back some years remember seeing it when they visited a favourite store via the back way.

The designer of the necessary fire escape paid scant attention to the look of the building. The modifications to the original windows do not add to the architecture.  It once looked good.


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