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Winter Delicate

Not covered by the winter snow yet.


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Rhythm in Sumac

Sumac grows with most rhythmic branches.

Different exotic, elegant curves form when the plant develops.

Sumac Branch

This dead bush, missing its bark in places, provides texture as well as curve.



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We came across a stationary sea turtle on the edge of the surf.

Resting or Dead

The waves washed up and back over the animal and it wasn’t moving. An inspection by our guide was indecisive.

Dead or Not

Consultation and discussion resulted in more uncertainty.


Finally the turtle made for the water. “Enough of this!”, it seemed to be saying.

Turtle Take Off

“Just tired and resting.”, was the conclusion of the experts.

Happy ending.

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The reflections of the trees have an eerie, airy feel to them.

Lines in Wood

I was making fall colour shots but this scene cried out for black and white.

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