Yum Yum

Getting down to the good stuff!


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2 responses to “Yum Yum

  1. John Minkowskyj

    Quite the appetite, seems to be getting through the fish quickly. I’m surprised he ate in front of you and didn’t take his dinner to another tree.
    What size lens did you shoot with? Thanks.

    • quibbleon

      Well, he was about 70 feet up and I was down in the bushes. He seemed quite secure on his perch. I think he was more afraid of the gulls or other birds taking a run at him It definitely was kind of him to hang around. I have a fantastic Canon L series 70-200 lens that I mated with a Canon 2x extender. This gives me 400mm equivalent. A medium crop still was pretty sharp. Also upped the ISO to about 1600 to allow 1/500s to reduce motion blur.

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