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The Trails Behind My House

The area behind my house is mostly rock and undeveloped bush. At a time long in the past we would have been situated on an island, but when the glaciers melted and the lake drained, the island ended up connected with the mainland by a low-lying piece of land. A twenty foot rise in water level would put us back on an island again.

In “recent” years, recreational walking trails have developed and lately a map and signs have appeared. Winter, and the advent of “snowshoeing” as a recreational activity have made walking these trails a fun thing to do. They become packed hard enough that snowshoes are not required much of the time. If one wishes to set off through the bush off the trail, then snowshoes are a necessity but a pleasant trek through the bush can be had without them. The absence of leaves makes it possible to see some of the features of the area.

Opportunities for photographs are numerous.

Sharing the experience of the trails is particularly special.

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