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Fading Away

Old memories fading away.

Lack of interest.

Lack of will.

Soon, nothing.


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It Doesn’t Stop Anymore

The train doesn’t run these days.

But it once did regular trips bringing people and goods to the upper Ottawa Valley and the Town of Mattawa and beyond.

The station is derelict and decaying slowly. The ghosts of the past flow through the mind when walking the platform. The sounds of steam and diesel echo in the Valley.

Mattawa Station

Once upon a time it was a robust cared-for building filled with pride.

The changing of life in Canada cost it its life as a useful citizen.

Now the trains rumble right on by without blinking.

The ephemeral air of the sadness of allowing such a building and its memories to deteriorate to nothingness permeates the place.


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Derelict grain elevator in Dorothy, Alberta.

Elevator Dorothy AB

This is dinosaur country. The structure complements the history of the region.

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What’s Inside?

Would you want to know?

What`s Inside

Or could you guess?

Or do we just look the other way?

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Early Settlers?

This trappers cabin is near our place.  The roof is long gone but when it was built it was quite cozy and functional inside.  The friend who owns the land built it in 1972 with the aid of a French Canadian wood carver of his acquaintance as an exercise in woodcraft.  It served his children as a memory maker and fun place to be.

I have visited many times over the past years as it has slowly been deteriorating.  A couple of years ago the top half of a hemlock tree fell on it and contributed to its derelict appearance.

It will be some time before it’s all on the ground but Mother Nature doesn’t own a watch.


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Back Alley Stair

A narrow alley on Oak Street.

Spring arrives tomorrow.  Cycling season can begin.

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