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Sunrise At Dingwall

At the North end of Cape Breton Island is Dingwall.

It is on the Atlantic Ocean looking East, but you can’t see Newfoundland .

If you get the right weather it is spectacular when the sun comes up.

When we visited, we got the right weather.

It turned out to be a glorious day!

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Fortress of Louisbourg

After many years I returned to visit the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island.

It is still as impressive as it was the last time I visited.

The day was damp and foggy, with drizzle.

It was possible to feel the loneliness and uncertainty of the isolated location on a particularly miserable day.

It is a magnificent restoration.

Founded in 1713, it became an active port for trading and other activities and changed hands several times.

In 1758, the British took it after a siege and it was thoroughly destroyed by British Engineers.

General James Wolfe took part in the Siege of Louisbourg. He died a year later on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City.


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The Beach At Inverness

Cape Breton Island is a spectacular and subtle place, depending on where you are and where you look.

The beach at Inverness is both.

We experienced it on a sunny, windy day. Not a day for swimming but definitely for walking and seeing.

Simply wonderful.

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