Magdeburg Cathedral

Protestant Cathedral in Magdeburg, Germany. The current cathedral was constructed over the period of 300 years starting from 1209, and the completion of the steeples took place only in 1520.

The quality of light inside produces a quiet reverence which is calming and eases doubt.

Spectacular and intricate sculpture and bas-relief carvings add to the notion that one is visiting a great edifice.

A memorable experience.


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4 responses to “Magdeburg Cathedral

  1. Fred Fred Pyziak


  2. John Minkowskyj

    It’s amazing, that construction took 300 years. Architects never saw the end results of their work. Generations of workers had work, unless they died at work on-site. Nowadays no one can envision anything that will be built might take 10 years.
    I like your treatment of the photos. Both in B&W and in colour.

  3. quibbleon

    Thanks John. The calm and the light inside the place were remarkable. The day was gray but that seemed to have no effect. 300 years to build is remarkable. The only religious building that I can think of that is proceeding at that pace is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It’s approaching 140 years since beginning construction.
    It’s on my bucket list (sort of).

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