A Visit To Duchesnay Falls II

The rumble of the falls and rapids at Duchesnay is hard to ignore.

The is also great opportunity to look for quieter spots along the side of the torrent and experience some neat stuff.

The land through which the water runs adds to the whole experience.

Can you hear the rumble of the Falls?


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2 responses to “A Visit To Duchesnay Falls II

  1. John Minkowskyj

    I’ve always found the bubbles created by the turbulent waters fascinating
    in waterfall photos. They look like frantic Tokyo subway patrons just moving along an jostling each other. You lose the bubble effect if you use a longer time exposure but if your exposure is too fast then the bubbles are too static. These falls always have that ‘beer’ colour to them, must be from the silt and minerals.

    • quibbleon

      I was switching exposure times back and forth between long and short just to get the two different effects. The short times (1/400 – 1/600 sec) give some sense of the utter chaos and power of some of the parts of the rapids/falls. The longer times (1/15 – 1/20 sec) give an elegant smoothness to some of the waterfalls and currents. Some of the attempts worked, some didn’t. I’m not a fan of ultra-smooth silky waterfalls/cascades.
      The colour of the water in that creek has always bugged me. I don’t find the colour attractive at all. It seems not to matter the time of year or the volume of water, it always looks like someone pissed in it. Back some years we could blame the Blue Spruce Hotel but it’s long gone. There’s a good deal of decaying organic matter in the land that the creek flows through and I’ve been told that the tannins from that decay colour the water. One could always just take monochrome but …
      Anyway, it was a fun walk. Thanks for the comment.

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