Morning at Pyay

Our cruise on the Irrawaddy River began at Pyay where we woke and watched morning come to the river. Activity began early, before the heat of the day.

The ever-present haze presages another very hot day, but for now the relative cool of the night will continue for another couple of hours.

There is a quiet calm in this country at dawn, a brief respite before the busy activity of chasing the necessities of life. The river is never as busy as the towns, even though it is an aquatic highway leading to the heart of the country.




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2 responses to “Morning at Pyay

  1. John Minkowskyj

    I assume the haze is from the oppressive heat?
    Lots of photos for our viewing.

    • quibbleon

      Morning haze from the heat plus charcoal fires for cooking, burning garbage, and the odd grass fire. It was very dry. Everyone is waiting for the monsoons which start near the end of April. Temps in morning around high twenties, going to low forties later in the day.

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