Space, The Final Frontier

Beam me up Scotty!

Space Stations

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One response to “Space, The Final Frontier

  1. Marilyn

    Dear Robert,
    I am practicing textile artist of 16 years, living in Guelph Ontario. Specifically, I am a landscape textile artist. Typically, I reference my own photos or images provided to me by my artist community and friends.
    I recently came across this website and was impressed with the sensitivity of your images. I was particularly struck by Chisolm Field.
    I would like to interpret this image in textile, but will not proceed without your said permission. I would be happy to send you a few images of my recent work, if you are interested. My work is very layered and richly textured.
    Lastly, if you provided permission for me to reference your image, I would ensure that you are acknowledged. I have provided my personal email.
    Thank-you for your time,
    Marilyn Clarke

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