Colour In The Garden

I visited Sweetman’s Garden yesterday, having not done so for about three or four weeks. It is still the very special place that it has always been and the old apple tree has been festooned with ribbons.


They dance when the wind blows and wait in their colours until the breezes return.

The effect is magical.


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2 responses to “Colour In The Garden

  1. John Minkowskyj

    I was there Tuesday and got some great shots, thanks to all that had a vision to do this artistic display. The gardens seem to be losing some of their colours and this display helps offset that.

    • quibbleon

      It’s pretty nearly always a neat place to go and it changes over the summer. Repeat visits yield new perspectives. I love what they are doing with the kids gardens in terms of building enthusiasm, excitement and empathy for the Sweetman’s Garden (indeed, every gardening) experience.

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