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A Visit to Gardner Bay

Gardner Bay on Española Island in the Galapagos has a marvellous beach. Several zodiacs were launched from the mother ship and people experienced a “wet landing” on the beach. After walking the beach and seeing lots of wildlife, those who wished were able to swim and snorkel in the relatively warm water.

Lots of wildlife on the beach and quite unafraid of the people. The word on visitor behaviour is to move slowly and gently and stay 2 metres away from the wildlife. No touching or petting allowed. Sea Lion moms identify their pups by smell. Touching a baby sea lion could mean rejection by the mother and death for the youngster because of the strange scent (sunscreen, bug repellent…) we leave behind on the pup. This is their home you are visiting and one must respect it.

The guides and zodiac drivers protect themselves from the strong equatorial sun (by wearing masks and long sleeves for example) as they work in it day after day.

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