Skier One Mile Bay

Thursday Morning on One Mile Bay.

One Mile Skier

Towing home his supplies after a (cold) night at the cottage.


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4 responses to “Skier One Mile Bay

  1. Brrr… Now that looks tricky … xx

  2. quibbleon

    Temperature when I made this photo was -20C, but there was no wind so it was quite pleasant. He told me that he’d spent the night at his cottage but couldn’t keep it warm despite a big fire in the fireplace. Unlike the pioneers who would have had to stick it out, he fled to town where it was warm at his house. His comment was “Winter camping is much more comfortable in March.”!
    Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well!

    • I’m fine, as I hope you are too, Belated Happy New Year wishes to you and yours. and lets hope 2014 is a good vintage. Tho’ the weather changes are threatening to make it one not to be forgotten. xx

      • quibbleon

        And a Happy New Year to you as well. There appears to be a lot of water where it shouldn’t be in Great Britain this January. Hope things dry out soon!

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