End of an Era

Yesterday I went on a little photo walk and found myself in the part of town where the Ontario Northland Railway has its operations.

There is a long history to this enterprise and North Bay has been the centre of its operations since it was created.

Over the years it has grown into the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission and its activities extend beyond rail to telecommunications, shipping, internet services, contract refurbishing of rail cars and locomotives.  At one time it had its own small airline (Norontair).

Recently in a “cost saving” measure the Provincial Government announced that it was divesting itself of the various parts of the ONTC and would sell each to the highest bidder.  This has created a great deal of upheaval and uncertainty in the town and indeed in the whole of Northeastern Ontario.  From North Bay to Moosonee unhappiness reigns.

The memory of the “Glory Years” is about to start fading:

It won’t be long before the building in the background is renamed.

People will forget as the enterprise that connected Northeastern Ontario fades into history.

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