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Seen in Dominican Republic:

Modern meets traditional.

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Pride is evident in the care and neatness of these small houses.

Colour expresses the optimism and hope of many whose lives might be considered less than easy.

In my part of the world this spirit is missing in the decoration of houses and other buildings.  Is it possible that as life gets better we lose the need to express our joy?




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Dominican Republic

We visited the Dominican Republic last week (sorry, no posts possible during that time) and were imprisoned in a very comfortable “all-inclusive” resort complex.  Beautiful beach, lots of scantily clad people (some of whom shouldn’t have been – but they’re paying so they get to do what they choose) few smiles, fewer greetings.  Weather was great – warm, no rain, just the nirvannah everyone seeks, right?

We were able to escape this utterly artificial jail on a one day ride around the countryside to visit the “typical” DR  on the back of a specially equipped four wheel drive truck guided by Jonathan.

Well…I have ridden some rough roads but these were some of the roughest I’ve seen.  Off the pavement it became a real adventure to hold on and stay in our seats.  It was WONDERFUL!  And eye-opening.

The areas we travelled into were the equivalent of the rural areas around North Bay.  Read “Chisolm Township”, “North Himsworth”, “East Ferris”, etc.  The gravel roads here are superhighways in comparison to the roads we bounced along in the DR.  People live in the rural areas and have a tough job getting to town, but that’s what’s available and so you live with it and you deal with it.  Our truck got bogged down at an intersection of two roads and was pulled out by another truck using a piece of cable.  It was a true adventure.

Here is the road after we were rescued.

Another fellow approaching the intersection was not fortunate:

Note that he is up to the back axle in mud.  We weren’t able to stay around to see how he made out.

More next time.



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