Graffiti In My Town

These “Artists” exist in every town and those in mine are not the most talented of the bunch.  Their screed ranges from unimaginative scribblings to attempts at imitation of the fat styles that they have seen on walls and railway cars passing through town.

Some examples:

Sad and yet interesting at the same time!

Graffiti is a chickenshit way of saying “Screw YOU!”, to those who care.

2 responses to “Graffiti In My Town

  1. Interesting collection there, and yes, in this age of ‘modern’ Art where anything (such as a pile of bricks) ends up being called art expression, the feeling of anger against life, society or whatever, does spring out at you…Mesmerising in it’s own way.

  2. Christina

    Always love your photos. Brent actually took a tour with a friend of graffiti while in New York City. Interesting!

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